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With more than 30 years of experience, the ski and snowboard school, led by director Myriam Torralbo, is a national and South American reference. It offers a wide range of services, such as Ski and Snowboard lessons, children’s school (4-11 years old), Randonnee, Freestyle, Competition, school training, lessons for people with special abilities and Heliskiing.

With more than 150 certified and bilingual instructors (Portuguese, English, French, Italian, among others), it guarantees the best mountain experience. In addition, it organizes international competitions and high level events, attracting more than 800 children and their families every weekend.

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Important Information

As one of the leading ski and snowboard schools nationwide, we are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding learning experience.

Learn to identify your level and start your lessons in the best way. Know your level and define the pace of your classes, enhancing your learning.

As one of the leading Ski & Snowboard schools in Chile, Valle Nevado offers an outstanding learning experience for children and adults looking to learn or improve their skills in high mountain sports.

Highly recommended. Class schedules fill up quickly, we recommend booking online at as soon as you have made your plans, taking advantage of including tickets and rentals if needed.

If you do not have ski or snowboard equipment, we recommend that you arrive at least one hour before your lesson to have time to prepare and equip yourself with everything you need. We recommend arriving at the meeting point 15 minutes in advance with all your equipment, this will allow you to assess your skill level and ensure that the equipment is properly prepared. Remember that everything takes longer when it is snowing.

A helmet and eye protection (goggles) are mandatory for children between 4 and 11 years old who are going to take ski or snowboard lessons at Valle Nevado.

Lessons begin promptly at the assigned time. We recommend arriving at the Ski Rental at least one hour before your class time so that your children have their equipment ready.

All children must be over 4 years old and must be potty trained without the use of diapers.

Children between the ages of 12 and 14 may be more comfortable in classes with adults or children, depending on the individual. Parents can choose whether to enroll their child in adult or children’s classes for this age range. Helmet and eye protection is mandatory for children under 14, even in adult classes.


  • Proof of Ski or Snowboard lesson reservation.
  • Ski lift ticket.
  • Helmet..
  • Goggles or glasses.
  • Appropriate gloves.
  • Ski and boots or Snowboard and boots.


  • Sunscreen.
  • Neck protector during cold or stormy days.
  • Appropriate clothing for cold weather.
  • Jacket and pants suitable for snow use.

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