Valle Nevado is the only ski resort in South America that is part of IKON PASS, which gathers more than 50 iconic destinations in the ski world.

IKON PASS is the standard in season passes connecting mountains in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe and Chile. There are three types of passes available, each with different levels of benefits:


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Usage in Valle Nevado

IKON PASS: 7 days in Valle Nevado without blackout dates.

IKON BASE PASS & IKON BASE PLUS PASS: 5 days in Valle Nevado without blackout dates.

IKON SESSION PASS: up to 4 days in snowy valley (out of 4 days total) without blackout dates.

IKON PASS 24/25 in Valle Nevado.

Discount on hotel reservations Valle Nevado season 2024

Book your stay this season 2024 (includes lodging, breakfast, dinner and ticket) by presenting* your IKON PASS at the time of booking and you can get an additional 10% discount on the price for the days that the IKON PASS is valid. Promotion applies over other promotions.

Contact us at reservas@vallenevado.com

*Discount does not apply retroactively..

Other benefits

  • 15% discount on hiring a guide for the day at Ski & Snowboard school.
  • 25% discount on office ticket for 10 day tickets for friends & Family (Valley Plus Card not included, available at the box office), IKON BASE PLUS has 8 tickets available.

* IKON PASS, IKON BASE PASS, IKON BASE PLUS PASS and IKON SESION PASS 23/24 can be used in Valle Nevado during the 2024 season as long as the available days have not been used during the 2023 season.