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Summer’s here and adventure awaits at more than three thousand feet above sea level

Calling all nature lovers! Valle Nevado’s summer season has begun with fun activities for family, friends and even business groups.

Over time, Valle Nevado has worked its way up to staying open year-round, delivering a broad range of activities and services for every season. This year October 7 marked the opening of a new summer season which is sure to impress tourists, athletes and even local businesses with the extensive programming and events available at the ski resort.

For those who want to spend a day reveling in the beauty of the Andes Mountains, Valle Nevado offers activities such as a spectacular gondola ride, a mountain lunch with stunning views, horseback riding and hiking. Guests may also choose to combine activities to create the perfect itinerary for a day on the mountain. For more details, visit https://www.vallenevado.com/en/summer-at-valle-nevado/.

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