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Ski School & Snowboard School

Contact Telephone

USA: 1-800-669-0554
CANADA: 1-888-301-3248



Learn how to ski or snowboard in a fun and safe environment according to your level.


COLLECTIVE CLASSES * (minimum 4 students,   2 hrs. class ) Duration Schedule ($ CLP)
Colecctive Adult / Youth 1 lesson (2 hrs) 10 or 14 hrs $ 40.000
Colective Adult / Youth 2 lessons (4 hrs) 10 or 14 hrs $ 73.000
Colective Adulto / Youth 3 lessons (6 hrs) 10 or 14 hrs $ 105.000
Colectiva Adulto / Menor Principiante + Equipo Normal + Ticket 1 lesson (2 hrs) 11 - 12 or 14 hrs $95.000
SKI SCHOOL (4 to 9 years)** Only SKI lessons Duration Schedule ($ CLP)
Ski School (4-9 años) ½ Day 09:45 a 13:00 $ 42.000
Ski School (4-9 años) 1 Day + Lunch 09:45 a 16:00 $ 76.000
Ski School (4-9 años) ½ Day + Equipment 09:45 a 13:00 $ 50.000
Ski School (4-9 años) 1 Día+Lunch+Equipment 09:45 a 16:00 $ 82.000
Ski School Ticket Day $ 11.500
INDIVIDUAL LESSONS*** Duration Schedule ($ CLP)
Particular (Does not apply between 11  and 14 hrs) 1 Hour 9:00 a 17:00 hrs. $ 62.000
Particular 2 Hours 9:00 a 17:00 hrs. $ 109.000
Contracting 8 Hours 9:00 a 17:00 hrs. $ 380.000
Particular Adult 3 Hours 9:00 a 17:00 hrs. $ 160.000
Aditional Student (max. 2 students) 1 Hour 9:00 a 17:00 hrs. $ 25.000

* Collective Lessons: Mínimum 4 students, 1 a 3 students the class will be 1 hour.

** Ski School: Class begins at 11:00 hrs, only Ski No Snowboard.

*** Particular Lessons: Price for 1 or 2 students.



Beginners Kid's Snow Garden: Beginners
Terrain: Flat to gently sloping First steps, Runs: Snow Garden and flat slopes
Level 1 1st Star
Wedge Turns Wedge turns
Runs: Greens and Blues Runs: Greens and Blues
Level 2 2nd Star
Basic parallel turns Basic parallel turns
Runs: Blues and Reds Runs: Blues and Reds
Level 3 3rd Star
Advanced parallel turns Parallel turns
Expert Level Slalom Initiation
Runs: Reds and Blacks Runs:  Reds and Blacks
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    Private Classes

    Learn to ski or snowboard in a class tailored to your individual skill level, to correct technique problems, Learn new techniques, or simply gain confidence. Classes limited to 2 people maximum per instructor.

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    Group Classes

    Without a doubt, group classes are the most socially enjoyable way to improve your level. Share experiences, make new friends and together enjoy an unforgettable experience in the mountains. Group classes begin at 10am and are for a maximum of 4 people per instructor.

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    Adaptive Ski Classes Valle Nevado offers ski and snowboard instruction for individuals with disabilities and special needs.

  • Snow GardenOur Snow Garden classes are designed so even the youngest children have fun and won’t want to leave the slopes. Instructors, games, and the Snow Garden lift and runs are designed for security and a fun experience.

  • ski-y-competencias-competiciones

    Hire an Instructor Reserve a class when booking your reservation, or visit our Ski School Desk located in front of the La Leñera restaurant. You can also contact Valle Nevado at (+562) 2477-7782 or write escuela@vallenevado.com

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