Lodging and Dining


Periods During Ski Season:

VALUE August 29 to September 25 Bookings do not have a minimum night requirement except for the week of September 4 –11 which must be booked in full (7 nights from Friday to Friday)
REGULAR June 26 – July 16 and July 31 – August 27 Bookings must be by week (7 nights from Friday to Friday) or by mini-week (4 nights from Friday to Tuesday or 3 nights from Tuesday to Friday).
HOLIDAY July 17 –30. Bookings must be by week (7 nights, from Friday to Friday)


Check in – Check out

  • Check in
  • 4pm. If your room is available earlier than 4pm you may check-in before this time. If not, you may leave your luggage at the front desk and enjoy a day of skiing until the room is available.
  • Check out
  • 10am. Please check out before this our. If you check out later than 10am you will be charged an additional night.

Terms & Conditions

  • Early check-out: Guests who check-out before their intended date will lose the remaining balance of their reservation.
  • Late arrivals: Guests who arrive one to two days after their reservation date do not receive a refund for unused nights (please see exceptions for unanticipated road closures). Missed nights cannot be made up at the end of the stay.
  • Extras Charges: Additional services offered by Valle Nevado are in Chilean pesos and include the IVA tax (19%). However, if guests are foreigners or non-residents of Chile the total bill for additional services is converted into dollars at check-out and exempt from IVA if paid in dollars or with a dollar credit card.
  • Lack of snow: Valle Nevado features a modern snow-making system, however if all lifts are closed due to a lack of snow, Valle Nevado will reimburse 100% of each day the resort’s lifts are closed. Alternatively, paid reservations can be credited for other nights during the 2015 season; in the event of rate differences due to alternative seasons the unused nights will be credited as a deposit toward the future stay.
  • Road closure: The road to Valle Nevado is maintained by the Ministry of Public Works and is the sole responsibility of this ministry to clear the road in the event of snowfall. Valle Nevado voluntarily assists the Public Works department in snow removal, but is not responsible for the state of the public road.
  • Valle Nevado will provide 2 free lift tickets to 2015 Mountain Collective spring pass purchasers, no additional days at 50% off.
  • Top tier pass holders from Mountain Collective resorts (i.e. an Aspen Premier pass holder) receive 50% off lift tickets, no cap.
  • Valle Nevado pass holders and employees receive up to 5 days at 50% off for winter 2014-15 at any Mountain Collective destination.

Policy following a road closure due to snowfall:

  • Guests who are in Santiago and cannot reach Valle Nevado due to road conditions are responsible for their own expenses and lodging in Santiago as long as the road remains closed. Unused nights will be credited toward a future stay at Valle Nevado during the 2015 season, or may be used toward paying for additional services at the resort.
  • Guests who cannot leave Valle Nevado due to closed road conditions must pay the full price of the additional night at the resort. Any additional nights beyond the first night receive a 50% discount.
  • Valle Nevado offers helicopter service to the Santiago airport when weather conditions permit, and according to availability. Guests are responsible for the cost of this service.
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