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Ski challenge competition

Contact Telephone

USA: 1-800-669-0554
CANADA: 1-888-301-3248

Rail Sessions

Season Launch

This competition is an amateur freestyle ski and snowboard competition on different obstacles such as rails and boxes, rated by a panel of judges. This season the competition will be held at the Terraza Slalom area.

Billabong Slope style

International Event

This is one of the best-known competitions of the National Snowboard Circuit (RSS Circuit). The competition takes place in the Terrain Park and participants are judged on their abilities on obstacles such as jumps, rails, boxes and a quarter-pipe. International and national participants receive cash prizes for three categories: amateur, women and open.

Pink Sessions

For Women

This is the only competition exclusively for women. After 2 years this has transformed into a tradition among female riders. The competition is also part of the professional RSS Circuit, and includes two categories, slopeside amateur and open, in which riders choose 4 types of Terrain Park obstacles for each descent.

Copa Atilio

A Classic

This is Valle Nevado's oldest slopestyle competition and takes place every year in late September in tribute to our old friend Atilio Cremaschi, who promoted freestyle at our resort and who died in an avalanche accident in the US. The competition is the most anticipated of the year, and is the closing competition for the RSS Circuit that elects winners of the National Ski and Snowboard Circuit.


Kid's Competition

The Bichos (Bugs) competition is the only ski and snowboard boarder cross and slopestyle event for kids. The competition has been held since 2008 and is divided into different categories: Fleas, Crickets, and Grasshoppers.