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Contact Telephone

USA: 1-800-669-0554
CANADA: 1-888-301-3248


International gear and clothing

The Terraza Boulevard features the best in ski and snowboard wear, and outdoor and casual clothing, as well as gift shops selling souvenirs to remind you of your stay at Valle Nevado. Shops Include: North Face, Burton, Columbia, Top Ski, Three Monkeys Eyewear, and Billabong. Open from 8:30am to 8pm

New Ski Shop at Valle Nevado

The first ski shop at Valle Nevado to focus exclusively on the sale of gear, outerwear and accessories will be inaugurated at the start of the 2013 season. The shop is located across from the Rockford store next to the Three Monkeys. It features major brands such as Volkl, Armada, Descente and Patagonia, among others, as well as helmets and accessories from Poc & Bula and Seirus. The shop also provides a Demo service for those who wish to try out the equipment on the slopes.

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