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Lift Ticket Prices 2016

Contact Telephone

USA: 1-800-669-0554
CANADA: 1-888-301-3248

ADULT HALF-DAY 40,000 44,000
ADULT FULL-DAY 43,000 48,000
CHILD HALF-DAY 29,500 32,000
CHILD FULL-DAY 33,000 36,000

* High season: June 13 - September 25 + Weekends and holidays Low season: Monday - Friday, except high season Prices in CLP COMBOS Valle Nevado offers day skiers and snowboarders combination packages with lift tickets, that can include lunch, rentals and classes. If you need rentals or classes, plan to arrive earlier, especially on weekends, to avoid crowds.When arriving at the Plaza La Gondola service area (Curva 17 service area), follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Ticket Office and choose the package you would like to purchase (level 1).
  2. If you need rental clothing, head to the clothing rental area (do this before renting gear) (parking lot level)
  3. If you need rental gear, visit the Ski Rental and begin by registering your personal information at one of the computers located at the entrance of the Ski Rental. Then head to the ski and snowboard boot area, then have a ski rental clerk help you choose the equipment that is right for you. You must leave a credit card voucher when renting clothing and gear (parking lot level)
  4. If you need ski or snowboard classes, take the gondola to the Ski School, located at the right-hand side when leaving the gondola building (level 1)


Beginner's lift ticket + Standard rental equipment + 2-hour group class. Classes 11am to 1pm / 12pm to 2pm / 1pm to 3pm / 2pm to 4pm Low Season High Season
Adult $ 79.000 $ 88.000
Child $ 66,000 $ 75,000
Lift ticket + standard equipment rental Low Season High Season
Adult $ 54.000 $ 66.000
Child $ 43,000 $ 53,000
Beginner's lift ticket + standard equipment rental + half-day group class. *This combo begins at 1pm only. Low Season High Season
Adult $ 63.000 $ 70.000
Child $ 58,000 $ 66,000
Beginner's lift ticket + 2-hour group class Classes 11am to 1pm / 12pm to 2pm / 1pm to 3pm / 2pm to 4pm Price
Adult $ 66.000
Child $ 63,000
Jacket + pants + gloves + goggles Price
Adult $ 24.000
Child $ 21,000
Lunch at Restaurant Don Giovanni, located next to the Hotel Puerta del Sol (appetizer, main course and dessert). Does not include beverages. Price
$ 26.000
Gondola Ticket This ticket is a special sale for non-skiers, and cannot be used by anyone planning to ski or snowboard. The ticket can be used on the gondola only. Mon-Fri Sat, Sun & Holidays
Adult $ 31.000 $ 48.000
Child $ 24,000 $ 36,000
Gondola Ticket + Lunch at Bajo Zero. Mon-Fri Sat, Sun & Holidays
Adult $ 37.000 $ 51.000
Child $ 27,000 $ 28,000

  Gear rental is skis + boots + poles, or snowboard and boots.  

  • * Child: Up to 12 years old.
  • * Group classes must reach a minimum of 4 people.
  • * All prices include taxes.

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