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History Skiing

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1987: The dream to build a new Chilean ski resort begins.

1988: The Chilean-French project opens its doors under the name Valle Nevado. Inspired by the French resort Les Arcs, the new ski center is situated in the middle of the Andes at an unbeatable location.

1998: Administration passes to Chilean hands. Valle Nevado makes plans to develop a resort featuring integral services to satisfy all of our clients needs.

2001: The Andes Express is inaugurated as the first detachable lift in Chile, making Valle Nevado a leader in the ski industry in South America.

2008: Valle Nevado celebrates together with its clients 20 years of passion for snow. The same year, the resort begins construction on the condominium building Valle Cóndores I. Two carpet lifts are installed at El Prado and El Mirador. The Snow Garden for kids receives a Magic Carpet lift.

2009: The restaurants La Trattoria and Montagnard are fused together, forming the Mirador del Plomo. Construction begins on the second Valle de Cóndores building. The Hotel Puerta del Sol and Tres Puntas are completely remodeled.

2010: Development of the Master Plan begins. Two new lifts are installed: a double chairlift at Ballicas and a surface lift at the Valle del Inca peak, opening 5 new runs. A new day visitor parking lot is established, with 350 parking space and ski rental, ski school and ticket booths. The restaurants La Fourchette and the  Hotel Valle Nevado are renovated.

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