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Contact Telephone

USA: 1-800-669-0554
CANADA: 1-888-301-3248

Valle Nevado is closer than you think

There are direct flights to Santiago from Miami, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco (the latter two may have a stopover in Lima, Peru). The modern Santiago International Airport is served by more than 20 international and domestic airlines. Best of all, US and Canadian visitors do not suffer from long jet lag, as Santiago is on New York time.

If staying in Santiago, the airport offers several transportation options via buses, transfer vans, and private taxis. Santiago is about 15 to 30 minutes from the airport, depending on traffic.


Arrive in 15 minutes from Santiago

Capacity: 6 people without luggage


Travel Price US$
Santiago – Valle Nevado or vice versa 1,370


Reservtions to: (56)(2) 477 77 05 o reservas@vallenevado.com

*Capacity does not consider luggage.
**Rates are per flight, independent of number of passengers.
***Children over 2 years of age are considered passengers.

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