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Looking for Valle Nevado Discounts? Check Out These Deals.

Valle Nevado is now offering three deals on package stays at hotels and for condominium rentals (condo rentals do not include lift tickets or meals). Promotions cannot be combined, and do not apply to additional services such as equipment rentals. With lowered airfares on every airline and a weak peso, there's never been a better -- and more economical -- time to visit Valle Nevado!

*Mastercard: Use a Mastercard to purchase a Valle Nevado stay and get up to 15% off. Minimum 3 nights, valid for the Tres Puntas and Puerta del Sol hotels only, and condo rentals. Receive 15% off for the weeks June 23 - July 6, and Sept. 15-22. Receive 10% off for the weeks July 7 - Sept. 14.

*Delta Air Lines: Fly Delta to Santiago and receive 15% off hotel packages and condominium rentals. Valid for the entire season.

*Valle Nevado & Alto Atacama Desert Lodge: Book a minimum of 3 nights at Valle Nevado and the stunning Alto Atacama Lodge and get 20% off package stays. This package combination offers North Americans a taste of Chile's contrasting landscapes, visiting the snowy highlands of the Andes and the ethereal and beautiful volcanos and lunar landscapes of the Atacama Desert. Valid from June 30 to Sept. 15, and available only for stays in the Hotel Valle Nevado.

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