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Exciting Summer Mountain Activities

Valle Nevado offers an outstanding line-up of summer adventures in the Andes for all ages.

Part of the joy of visiting Santiago is how many exciting activities are within an hour from the city center. Valle Nevado offers one of the most spectacular day excursions during the summer months (January and February) that give travelers a chance to reach the heights of the Andes, enjoy magnificent views, trek, horseback ride, and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Valle Nevado is offering several deals such as a chairlift ride for CLP$12,000, chairlift ride + lunch at the bar lounge for CL$25,000 or lunch on the mountain (at our bar lounge) for CL$18,000. Additionally, from February 2013 onward, Valle Nevado will be operating the first gondola in the region and will be offering a gondola ride for CL$15,000 which includes a stop mid-mountain to take in the sights, enjoy a delicious lunch at the restaurant Bajo Zero, and much more.

Also, we will soon be debuting a spectacular deal featuring a gondola ride + lunch for CL$25,000 or, for CL$32,000, the full Bajo Zero tour which includes a gondola ride + guided tour + lunch at bajo zero restaurant + complimentary pisco sour.

And, for outdoor sports lovers, Valle Nevado has a summer trekking tour for $32,000, which includes a gondola ride + guided trek + lunch at bar lounge, as well as the opportunity to arrange horseback riding and treks with your own group of family or friends.

For more information, visit us at: http://www.vallenevado.com/en/summer-at-valle-nevado/ or call us at 2477-7701.

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