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Big Strides in Construction Project to Improve Road Access to Valle Nevado

Work to improve Route G-251 began more than a month ago, with much progress already made to improving access to Valle Nevado.

Major road reconstruction to bring Route G-251 (better known as the road to Farallones / Valle Nevado) up to national standards of excellence began in December, to increase road safety and improve access to the mountain overall.

During the next few months, construction will consist of milling and retreading work, as well as new asphalt, lane demarcation and metal barriers between Kilometer 2 and 6 and between Curve 6 and 14. These sections will be completed at the end of December and the beginning of April 2013, respectively.

The road projects will ensure higher levels of security and convenience and better facilities, which will in turn improve the experience for tourists from Chile and abroad during the winter season.

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