Valle Nevado Extends Season to October 18

octubre 12th, 2015

Late season storms and outstanding snow conditions have allowed Valle Nevado to extend the season until Oct. 18! All lifts and runs will remain open, as well as the ski school, rentals, the Curva 17 station, and the Bar Lounge restaurant. NOTE however that Tuesday, Oct. 13, the resort will be closed for a staff event, and will reopen Wednesday, Oct. 14. Come join us for some awesome spring skiing!

Valle Nevado to Remain Open to Skiers and Snowboarders Until October 12

septiembre 28th, 2015

Valle Nevado will remain open until October 12! Valle received more than 30 cm of snow this past weekend and conditions are optimum, so don’t miss your chance to get a few last turns in before the season’s over. Valle Nevado’s hotels are closed, however the ski center, all lifts, ski rentals, shops and the restaurant Bar Lounge is open every day until Oct. 12, as well as food kiosks at Bajo Cero and the cafe/restaurant at Curva 17. Come watch the USA Men’s & Women’s ski team, and the Norway and Finland ski teams practice on the slopes of Valle Nevado!

Valle Nevado Receives 30cm of New Snow

septiembre 8th, 2015

Valle Nevado received 30cm (1 foot) of new snow over the weekend, and could get another dusting tonight or tomorrow Wednesday. The ski season is still going strong and conditions are excellent!

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