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Valle Nevado offers 7 different dining options, as well as outdoor crepe and BBQ stands during the day. Guests lodging at Valle Nevado take daily breakfast in the restaurant located within their hotel, and are free to book a daily reservation at the restaurant of their choice for dinner (please note that guests of the Tres Puntas hotel are limited to the Restaurant Sur and Mirador del Plomo restaurants for dinner.

Mirador del Plomo


Casual, buffet-style restaurant.

Located in the Hotel Puerta del Sol, the Mirador del Plomo features a nightly changing buffet of international cuisine served buffet-style, with a made-to-order grill and pasta bar. The restaurant is perfect for skiers looking for a laid-back, no-fuss ambiance.

La Fourchette


A touch of distinction.

La Fourchette is the resort's most elegant restaurant, serving gourmet Mediterranean cuisine and premium wines. Renowned for its stunning views, the restaurant has an outdoor dining area and gourmet buffet lunch.


Dining a la carte.

Located in the Hotel Tres Puntas, this restaurant serves delicious international cuisine a la carte, in an attractive, comfortable ambiance surrounded by large picture windows.

Monte Bianco Ristorante


Italian delights.

The popular Don Giovanni is located next to the Bar Lounge, and serves delicious meals that include set lunch menus and a variety of pastas and grilled meats in the evening.

Bajo Zero


On-slope dining surrounded by spectacular views.

Valle Nevado’s on-slope restaurant serves hearty sandwiches, burgers and BBQ food, with indoor and outdoor seating. There’s no place like sitting under the sun on Bajo Zero’s deck, soaking up the sweeping views.

La Leñera


Lively, cozy ambiance

Located on the ground floor of Valle Nevado, this restaurant is for diners seeking a fun-filled ambiance and a la carte meals. La Leñera serves sandwiches, simple Chilean-style meals and fondue, and often has live music.



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